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Mattes Sheepskin Dressage Girth w/Detachable Cover
Contoured anatomical Sheepskin dressage girth with removable cover from Mattes

Mattes Sheepskin Dressage Girth w/Detachable Cover

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Mattes Sheepskin Dressage Girth w/Detachable Cover
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Mattes dressage girth with sheepbskin cover that is removable for machine washing. The sheepskin ensure comfort and even distribution of pressure, plus helps prevent chafing. Stainless steel buckles and elastic.

In stock in Contoured in Black size 28". 
All other shapes, sizes and colors can be special ordered please contact me for more information (10-12 weeks for delivery)

Additional covers and base girth can be ordered separately as all. Please contact me for more information. 
Available in three shapes; Contoured, Asymmetrical and Crescent in an array of colour combinations (please see colour chart). 

Click here for Care Instructions.

Make sure to choose a girth that is long enough so the buckles clear the elbow area to prevent chafing and rubbing. When the girth is done up all the way, the buckles should be no further than 6" (15cm) from the lower edge of the saddle flap. The size of the girth is the length from buckle end to buckle end (as shown in the picture below). To figure out which shape to choose please check out my blog by clicking here
We recommend adding 2"/5cm to your measurement to allow for the density of the sheepskin/wool.  

The girth should always be tightened evenly and symmetrically on both sides for optimal fit.

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