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Otto Schumacher Dressage Girth Black
Otto Schumacher Dressage Girth Black

OS Dressage Girth

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OS Dressage Girth
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Contoured leather dressage girth from the renowned German saddlery Otto Schumacher. The girth is padded for added comfort and the shape makes it ideal for most shapes of horses as it gives elbow freedom and room for the ribcage/belly so it doesn't push the girth forward. Double Stainless steel buckles with elastic in both ends. The ends of the leather girth has two little slits in each end to feed the billet straps through for a more secure and even fit. It prevents the ends of the girth from sliding. These should not be used for tightening the girth alone, as they will not hold up to the pressure.

It is recommended that you choose a girth size that is long enough for the buckles to be placed no more than 6"/15cm from the bottom of the saddle flaps in order for the shape to keep the elbow clear of the buckles. Please measure on a girthed up horse to ensure correct size. Sizes are measured from buckle end to buckle end.

In order to keep the leather of your girth soft and pliable, make sure to while off sweet and dirt after every use and apply saddle soap and grease/oil as needed. Sweat and dirt is the leathers enemy number one and can cause irreparable cracks in the leather plus make it stiff and uncomfortable for the horse to wear.

Available in several sizes in Black, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.

Special order items so please allow 5-8 weeks for delivery.

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