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Slim Otto Schumacher Halter in Black with Taupe padding
Slim Otto Schumacher Halter in Black with Taupe padding

OS Leather Halter - Slim

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OS Leather Halter Slim
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Beautiful and durable leather halter from Otto Schumacher. The leather is 2 cm wide which is just over 3/4", plus padding for a more elegant look than the wide version. Especially suitable for horses with small refined heads. Handcrafted from the best European leather that will last a lifetime. Perfect as a show halter or just to spoil your special friend around the barn.

To keep your halter looking great for many many years, remove dirt and sand regularly, and apply saddle soap and leather grease/oil as needed, in order to maintain the suppleness and health of the leather and keep it from cracking.

Choose your own leather and padding colour combinations to suit your taste and your horses look. Patent leather option for a glamorous look. This is a Special Order items so please allow 5-8 weeks for delivery.

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