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Mattes Sheepskin Correction Half Pad
Mattes sheepskin correction half pad

Mattes Sheepskin Correction Half Pad

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Mattes Sheepskin Correction Half Pad
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The Mattes Platinum half pad made by the world renowned British company EA Mattes the leader in sheepskin pad. The Mattes Half Pad fits neatly under the saddle and can be used directly on the horses back or on top of a quilted pad that has a similar shaped top line, such as the Mattes Quilt Only Pads. This Sheepskin half pad has Billet straps and no rear trim.  

The pockets make it possible to add shims to the front or back to correct the position of the saddle as needed. If the saddle sit too high or low in the back or front the correction pad is great to help bring the saddle back in balance. Some horses need to develop back muscles in order for the saddle to sit correctly and in some cases it's helpful for a period of time to use the correction half pad, where shims can be added as needed until it's possible to fit the saddle correctly to the horse. Other horses are just built a way that they need a little extra help. The sheepskin works as a great shock absorber to give your horses back the best possible chance to stay soft and flexible while working. 

The Mattes PM System with button holes instead of billet straps can be special ordered. The PM System was developed in conjunction with Peter Menet, designer of Amerigo and Vega saddles. The PM System Half Pads have all the same features and benefits of the original Mattes Half Pads, but the billet straps are replaced by a button hole on each side that goes completely through the pad. This allows the billet strap of a Mattes Quilt Only or Light Flannel Pad to be fed through the button hole, making two pads into one unit.

Shims included (6 front and 6 back).

In stock in White in All Purpose size M and Dressage size L.
All other options can be special ordered, please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.

How to determine which size saddle pad I need for my saddle:
Measure the distance, following the contour of the gullet of the saddle, between the imagined lines at the rear of the panels and at the front of the panels.  Add a minimum of 2 1/2" (6cm). This is the minimum saddle pad length required for your saddle. It's important to choose the correct size, to ensure the half pad reaches further back than the back panels of the saddle.
Please see measuring charts below.

Back length (A-B)Width (E-F)
S (Pony)18.5" (47cm)7.9" (20cm)
M (Cob)21.3" (54cm)8.5" (21.5cm)
L (Full)22.8" (58cm)8.5" (21.5cm)
XL (X-Full)24.4" (62cm)9.3" (23.5cm)

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